Having a central A/C Unit is always important during both hot and cold seasons. The kind of relief that such a product provides is unmatched but sometimes it can bring some challenges such as a high cost of maintenance and high electricity consumption. This is why it is always important to make sure that the unit is placed in the right spot and is regularly maintained especially during summer.

Why does the location matter?

Although it is usually ignored in most cases, the location of the air conditioner matters whether you’re in Houston or anywhere else. When strategically placed, the air distribution will be perfect and the AC will not have to consume too much power to function. Professional dealers in A/C units will install the unit in a cold place instead of the hottest section of the room. They’ll look for a space that doesn’t receive too much direct sunlight and isn’t hot and places the AC there. The spot should not be hidden which means that covering the unit regardless of how ugly it may seem is a bad idea. It has to be in a properly ventilated space to allow free air circulation. This will in turn aid the unit to function at an optimum level without necessarily using too much electricity. These show that the location of the unit is important as it affects how well it will deliver and how much you spend on your electricity bills.


Apart from a strategic location, the size of the A/C is also important especially if you live in Texas. Most people usually assume that a bigger unit is better but isn’t always the case. Bigger units may not regulate the temperature and humidity as expected and as such, the assumption that they can cool the room faster is misplaced. This shows that you need the best Carrier air conditioning expert when it comes to installation of an A/C unit.

Qualified A/C Company

It’s always refreshing to have a company that is well equipped to handle all your needs. Finding a company that can not only install your AC but also caters for other needs like installing a heating system, handling maintenance procedures that aim at preventing damages, and performing evaluations regarding the type of air you have in your home can help you a lot. The latter part helps you determine whether the systems you have in place still work properly and produce clean and quality air that cannot affect you negatively.


At Air Expert, we understand that the customer should get the best services. This is why we give our clients the best advice regarding the types of AC to buy as well as the best location for the installation. As such, we not only help you get the most out of your product but also ensure that you don’t spend too much money on electricity bills. We have been in business for decades and as such, have gained the experience to know what will work best for our customers and what will fail. Your comfort is our main concern and that is why we hire the most qualified professionals to cater to your cooling and heating needs.


Other than being one of the best Houston A/C installation companies, we also offer repairs and maintenance services. We can handle all the needs mentioned above and go further into details of each to ensure that you get the best. We also offer financial assistance since we understand that heating cooling problems can take its toll an individual. With our financial program, you can be ready for the unexpected and eliminate the pressure and stress that come with having to fix such problems.


Stellar Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction, great customer service, and high-quality service delivery are some of the most important factors you should expect from any company you hire to fix anything in your property. We possess all these qualities and more and we exhibit them even when working on air conditioning replacement. Building a long lasting relationship with our customers is important to us and that’s why we prioritize your needs.


We have the best solutions to all your heating and cooling problems whether it is ductless heating, furnace repair or tune-ups. You can also call us for all your emergency situations and we will get the job done within 24 hours. If you want a reliable and efficient partner in Houston Texas, we are the best choice. Our commitment and wide range of services are unlike any other and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our work.