If the drain line of your Air Conditioner is clogged, then it would not work properly. For achieving the desired system efficiency, the drain line should be free from obstruction. This issue is experienced, due to the sludge appears inside the drain pipe. The question now arises;

How this sludge builds up and stored in your system’s drain line?

According to our company experts; the drain line of your A/C system clogs when the system is running without air filters, or the process of filter cleaning is not performed over the period of 30-60 days. In the start, this sludge is stored in a small amount, as time passes it gets enormous and stops the water from flowing outside. Here are the signs and symptoms of the clogged drain line.

  • Loss of cooling
  • The air conditioner automatically switches off
  • You may notice water leakage in the ceiling
  • Sometimes moldy smell refers to the issue of the clogged drain line.

Fortunately, the drain line can be easily clean up if you have little knowledge of your HVAC system. Even if clog substance is too big. By following the procedure given below your A/C system will be ready to cool again. So, Let’s start working on you’re A/C system:

The process to Unclog Your Air Condition’s Drain Pipe

Following items will be used to clean the drain line of A/C system

  1. Soaped Warm water
  2. Bleach or Vinegar
  3. A funnel
  4. Protective gloves
  5. Dry/Wet Vacuum
  6. Helper

STEP ONE: Turn off the button and remove the switch of your air conditioner from the socket.

STEP TWO: First, wear protective gloves. Now you can begin the process. Find the access hole. After seeing it, remove the cap from the access hole (cleaning port).

STEP THREE: Now take a cup of bleach and pour into the access hole with the help of a funnel. This will help to melt the sludge. Take a look on the drain line; if the solution still exists in the drain line and do not flow, this means the clog is vast in size, and it’s still present.

STEP FOUR: Take a wet-dry vacuum, Hold the vacuum hose under the drain pipe. Switch on the vacuum machine for at least 10-15 secs. Hold the vacuum hose firmly. That will pull the clog out of the drain pipe and leave the line clear.

By following this process, you can unclog the drain line of your Air condition system safely.

The climate of Houston

The atmosphere of Houston is white hot and damp in summers. The average high temperature reaches up to 35 centigrade, and the average relative humidity is over 90 percent in the morning and around 60 in the afternoon. Heat and humidity condition make air conditioning as an essential part of living. The humid factor may also increase the dirt factor on the air filter. If not cleaned properly may result from draining clogged. Call our experts to schedule the maintenance of you’re A/C system.


What our experts recommend

It’s a saying,” Prevention is better than CURE.” The prevention tactics our experts will advise you, to avoid choking of drain line is, to clean the air filter every 30-60 days or (replace it, if damaged). Moreover, after an intense dust storm, contact us for inspection and cleaning of drain line and coil. If you are not able to perform the cleaning of the drain line, give us a call at (713) 999-4165. We are an award-winning HVAC service providing company operating since 1993 in Houston.