The temperature drops and you want to warm up. Then you turn on your HVAC system in your Houston area home and notice a strange smell from the heater. That will cause concern.

You might ask are heaters supposed to smell like that? The answer is, yes, sometimes heaters will put off an odor. Depending on what that odor is could mean a simple fix, or the need to call in a professional.

Let’s look at the reasons why you may notice a smell from a heater.

The Smell of Burning Dust

Just like every other thing in your home, your HVAC system will accumulate dust. This is especially true when it isn’t being used during the summer months.

The first time you turn it on for the season, you will likely notice the smell of burning dust. This isn’t necessarily a huge problem and will usually go away quickly.

One thing you should always do at the beginning of the winter months is to replace your air filter. Air quality in the home is important. This will also help eliminate dirt and dust from getting inside the unit and smelling bad.

The Smell of Electrical Wires or Metal Burning

Most people are familiar with the odor of electrical wire or components burning. It is very distinct.

As with most appliances, your heating system consists of wires, metal, and even rubber fittings. If any of these get too hot, they will start to burn and then smell.

Many systems have an automatic shut-off safety measure in place to prevent the entire unit from overheating and causing a fire or extreme damage. If your unit shuts itself off, you should call for assistance before turning it back on.

If your unit doesn’t cut off, but you continue to notice a burning smell from the heater, you should turn it off. You then need to call an experienced HVAC expert in the Houston area to diagnose and fix the problem before you continue to use it.

The Smell of Mold

Condensation is a common occurrence within HVAC units.

Too much moisture that doesn’t escape properly will build up in the ducts and cause mold or mildew. This doesn’t necessarily present a problem for the unit, but mold can be dangerous for your family.

If you notice the smell of mold, have the necessary repairs so all the moisture drains properly.

Your hot water heater is another appliance that needs regular upkeep and maintenance.

Rotten Eggs Smell From a Heater

Yes, rotten eggs. That is one odor you can’t miss and with good reason.

Gas does not have an odor. So if you were to have a gas leak, you’d never know it. Most gas companies add this scent to make you obviously aware of a serious situation.

The smell of rotten eggs is a sign of a dangerous leak and you need to turn off the gas if you can, get out of the house right away, and call for service.

The Smell Will Tell

If you are worried about the smell from a heater, the first step is to identify it and then take the necessary action.

We are your heating and air experts in the Houston, TX area. If you are experiencing an unknown smell coming from your heater, we are here to help you with that! Please reach out today.