Are you looking to save money by using your air conditioning less? The pandemic in 2020 has meant people all over the world have spent a lot of time at home, which has meant rising bills. 

Thankfully, there are a number of clever ways to keep on top of the temperature in your home without having to use your air conditioning.

Read on to find out how to cool your house down and potentially save yourself some money.

Open Your Interior Doors

The circulation of air is an important factor to consider when trying to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

Closed doors inside stops air from traveling from room to room. Not only does it prevent warm air from escaping and dissipating, but it also stops cool air from entering warmer areas of the house.

Become a Fan of Fans

In the warm Texas climate, it can feel like a constant battle against the sun to keep your house cool, especially if you’re trying not to use your AC.

If you don’t use box fans or ceiling fans already, it’s time to invest. It really is the best way to get cool air into, and circulating through your house. 

A trick that you might not know of is to place a fan facing out of the window in a warm room. This will draw the warm air and push it outside.

Turn off Electronics

You may not think this would make much of a difference, but the use of televisions, games consoles, and countless other electronics can boost the temperature of your home.

When you’re not using them and at night, turn them off altogether instead of leaving them on standby.

Block the Sunlight

Direct sunlight into windows can turn your home into a greenhouse. One of the easiest ways to prevent your house from getting too warm is to shut your blinds and/or curtains.

If you live in a climate that’s always warm but you don’t want to avoid natural light all year round, you could try installing a tinted film on your windows. This will still let in natural light but will reflect some of the heat back outside.

Focus on Yourself

If you have tried everything but your house still feels too warm, there are ways to keep your own body temperature low and prevent yourself from getting too hot. 

Make sure you are hydrated—this allows your body to regulate its temperature. You could also use a cool, damp cloth on the back of your neck.

Another suggestion is to sleep as low as possible—heat rises so the lower, the better. Sleeping in the basement is a great way to stay cool!

Now You Know How to Cool Your House Down

The advice in this article should help you on your way to keeping cool in the warm Texas climate. Knowing how to cool your house down can mean you never have to come home to an uncomfortably hot house.

If you still need to use your AC, why not get in touch with us today to find out about the Houston Go Green Initiatives which could help you keep your energy costs down.