With repairs and costs related to AC units ranging from $165 to 575 on average to a high of almost $1,000, it is important to understand how to reduce costs and avoid AC repair mistakes if possible.

Many of these issues start as a small problem. Passing them off as “no big deal” or not catching them early can cause a quick escalation into a huge problem. Learn today what to avoid and how to catch big problems early.

1. Overcompensation 

No matter how low you set that thermostat your home is going to cool at the same rate. There is a common belief that if you set it to lower the AC unit will kick into high gear and cool the area quicker. 

This is false and much of the time leads to overworked machines because people forget to set the thermostat back to a standard operating temperature, it would leave overworked units and lost money.

2. Operating With A Dirty Filter

Air filters all have a life span of about three months, after that point, they need to be changed out. This is especially true during particularly hot periods when the unit is constantly running or in homes with multiple pets.

When a filter becomes dirty airflow is restricted. This will cause uneven cooling and potential damage to the unit. 

You will begin to see “short cycles” where the machine will run momentarily and shut off. This will continue to repeat because of an improper reading of the surrounding temperature.

It is important to always be running with a clean filter, your wallet will thank you as well. Energy consumption drops anywhere from 5 to 15% when replacing a dirty filter with a clean one.

3. One Size Fits All

Just because it fits the window doesn’t mean it is the right fit for the job. There is no one size fits all when it comes to cooling units. This is even more of a concern when dealing with larger systems like central air type.

If you select a unit that is too small for the space you are trying to cool you will overwork the unit

It is just as bad to pick a unit that is too large for the space that you are looking to operate within. A heavier unit will continually switch the thermostat on and off, becoming prematurely worn out and undependable.

4. Maintenance is Ignored

Air conditioners can be expensive, especially larger units but maintenance and replacement should not be ignored. By pushing it off and avoiding replacement you will ultimately cost yourself far more money.

An old AC unit is running less efficient, costing more in energy use, and potentially more in replacement parts. Anything 12 years or older, even 10 years should be replaced.

5. Drainage System

For many, primarily larger, AC units there is a drainage system that channels condensation to the outside of the home. If there is a blockage in that system there can be damage to the AC unit.

Not only the system but surrounding structures as well. This can cause mold build-up, foundation damage, and damage to pipes and other structures

6. Forgetting to Program A Thermostat

You should always program your thermostat program ahead of time and make sure that you keep an eye on and monitor it throughout the day when you can. 

Managing the thermostat at different times of day will not only keep your home more comfortable but will also save money and lower wear on the AC unit. 

Programmable technology is becoming easier and easier to use. The most advanced can “learn” the heating and cooling patterns and adjust automatically over time.

Never Again Make These AC Repair Mistakes

Spending a little extra time will save a lot of extra money in the long run. Your home will be more comfortable and your wallet will be a lot heavier with all the money you aren’t spending 

Keep an eye on how you maintain your AC unit and your home and you will be sure to keep costs low by avoiding any AC repair mistakes.

For help with any AC maintenance and repair needs be sure to speak with the team at AirExperts.