Air Conditioner Repair: Three Ways to Prepare for the Warmer Months

air conditioner repairOut of the 50 hottest cities in the US, Texas topped the list with 16 qualifiers. Del Rio, San Antonio, and Waco were just three out of seven that made the top ten. Houston came in at #17.

As summer approaches, make sure you’re ready for those high temperatures. Don’t wait until the heat is here to look into air conditioner repair. Take these three steps to ensure your AC unit is in perfect working order and ready for summer.

1. Book a Maintenance Visit

The first step you should take to prepare for another hot Texas summer is to get your equipment checked out. Book an appointment with an air conditioner repair service in Houston. A technician can come out to your home and inspect each part of your system.

If you’ve been having trouble with your thermostat or see a lot of dirt build-up on your outdoor unit, let them know. They’ll check your wiring and electrical connections, pressure controls, circuits, and condensers, too.

If you have a specific issue in mind, request that they come by to diagnose and repair it. Otherwise, get a quote for a routine maintenance visit.

2. Change Your Filter

Another step you can take to ensure your air conditioner is ready for summer is to change your filter. You should replace your filter every one to three months at least during the summer. If your filter is clogged or damaged, your unit won’t be as effective at keeping your home cool.

When you’re ready to change your filter, turn off the electricity and the power to your unit. Take out the old filter and determine whether it’s time to replace it. If it’s opaque, it’s time for a change.

Put in your new filter and replace all the hardware. When you’re finished, you can turn the power back on.

3. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Finally, take time to clean your air conditioning system, from the condenser and ducts to the outdoor unit and any indoor vents. If you’re not sure where to start, a professional AC repair team in Texas can do this for you.

Check on your furnace and make sure it’s clean and free of moisture. The area around it should be clear of clutter to allow for maximum airflow. If you see water collecting around your evaporator, call a professional AC repair technician in Houston.

As for the condenser, take time to remove debris and clean it. The blades should be able to move freely without obstruction.

Similarly, inspect your ducts and make sure nothing is causing a blockage. Blocked ducts can damage your filter or lower the air quality in your home.

Prepare for Summer With Air Conditioner Repair

Sweltering summers in Texas require an AC unit in good condition. Check on your unit now while the weather is still temperate. And before the heat climbs too high, schedule an air conditioner repair appointment.

Air Expert in Houston can diagnose and repair specific issues. Whether your unit is making strange noises or has stopped cooling, they can help. Or, if you’re looking for a routine check-up, Air Expert offers maintenance visits, too.

To book an appointment or get a quote for your AC unit, contact us here.