Houston, TX could never be described as a cold place. But in the winter, temperatures can get a little chilly. The last thing you want on those days is to find your heating’s on the fritz. 

If that does happen though, how can you hire heating repair services that you will actually get the job done? How can you choose the best and ignore the rest?

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you hire heating repair services who truly deliver. Read on to find out more!

How to Hire Heating Repair Services

How to hire heating repair services 101 is to make sure they’re fully qualified.

HVAC contractors in Texas must meet strict standards to be eligible for a license. This requires them to have completed relevant training and heating repair experience. You know if you hire a licensed HVAC contractor that they have the right skills for the job.

Do they voluntarily work with the Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association? What about the Better Business Bureau? This gives you confidence that they hold themselves to the highest standards. 

Don’t be afraid to ask about insurance. They need to have insurance in place to cover their own workers and your home. Make sure that you will not be liable if anything goes wrong on your premises.

Reviews and Recommendations

There’s no better form of marketing than a recommendation from a trusted friend. Ask your friends and family to gather some options for repair services to investigate further. 

The next best thing is reading online reviews. They can give you a real insight into customers’ experiences. You can gauge how seriously they take their work and customer satisfaction.

Check to see whether the company follows up on complaints or dissatisfied comments. Follow-ups show that they truly value their customers and want to resolve any issues that may arise. 

Contractors may also be able to provide references you can call. Some contractors have testimonials on their websites as well. 

Gather the Facts

To get accurate quotes, gather as much information about your heating system as possible before calling.

This includes the model of the current HVAC system and details of its maintenance history. Also, try to provide as much detail as possible about the kind of problems you’re experiencing.

Then request a home evaluation from each company. This can help the heating repair company to make a quicker and more accurate assessment of the problem. You’ll get more comprehensive quotes as a result.

Compare Quotes

Don’t be satisfied with just one or two quotes for heating repair services

Shop around, and then start comparing repair costs. Make sure you’re comparing like for like. Also, ask if there are any discounts or specials that you can take advantage of.

Choose Air Expert for Your Heating Repair

To hire heating repair services you can trust, simply follow our handy guide! Make sure they’re licensed and fully insured and have a reputation for great customer service. Choose a quote that’s comprehensive and affordable. 

At Air Expert Air Condition, we are fully licensed. We have almost 30 years of experience in fixing every kind of heating system problem you can imagine!

Our family business will treat you like family too, and repair your heating as soon as possible. We also offer easy payment options and low-interest financing. 

Give us a call on (713) 999-4165 or schedule an estimate online today!