Hurricanes are tropical storms whose winds reach a speed of at least 74 mph.

Experts predict an above-average hurricane season during 2020. Are you ready?

Read on for 7 tips for how to protect yourself from a hurricane.

1. Put Together an Emergency Kit

One of the key ways for how to prepare for a hurricane is to have an emergency kit ready. This kit should include first aid supplies. It should have three days worth of non-perishable food and water for each person.

Also include a flashlight with extra batteries, towels, copies of your identification, and any prescription medication you currently take.

Having a battery-powered radio is also useful so you can get current storm updates.

2. Stock Up on Supplies Ahead of Time

When you know that a hurricane is headed your way, people rush to the stores to stock up on necessities. Unfortunately, that means that shelves are quickly emptied of items.

It is way better to already have non-perishable supplies in your home. Make a habit of keeping extra batteries, candles, matches, non-perishable food, and water on hand.

You might also store some material for emergency repairs as well. For example, plywood to board up windows or heavy plastic for roofs.

Put a reminder on your calendar to rotate these supplies every six months. Use the items and replenish your stash.

Even if you need to evacuate your home due to a storm, you can usually bring these items with you.

3. Power Up

When a storm is approaching, power up as much as you can.

Fill your cars with fuel. Charge your cell phone and devices. If you have a power generator, test it now.

Place candles, matches, and flashlights in accessible locations in case of a power outage. Make sure that your AC unit is properly functioning.

4. Make a Family Emergency Plan

One of the key tips for how to protect yourself from a hurricane is to plan ahead. In an emergency situation, anything could happen.

You might become separated from family members. You might have no way to contact one another.

Plan out escape routes from your home and make a plan for where you will meet if you get separated. Decide which disaster shelter you will meet at. Decide what you will do in various situations.

Having a plan ahead of time takes the decision-making out of a stressful situation.

5. Install Storm Shutters

A big part of hurricane protection is about protecting the weak areas of your home.

You can protect your windows, skylights, and doors with shutters or break-resistant glass.

As a last resort, you can nail plywood to the window frames for extra protection. Make sure your doors are thick and have a secure deadbolt of at least 3 inches.

6. Prepare the Exterior

There are other elements of the exterior of your home that need attention. First, trim large or weak branches and shrubs back.

Bring in any patio furniture, potted plants, and toys inside. If you have gravel or rocks in your landscaping, consider replacing it with mulch.

7. Follow the Advice of the Authorities

The best thing to know about how to protect yourself from a hurricane is to heed expert advice.

Local authorities will advise you to either stay home or evacuate. Follow this advice even if you think you know better.

Now You Know How to Protect Yourself From a Hurricane

There you go! 7 tips for how to protect yourself from a hurricane.

The most important hurricane survival tips have to do with being prepared. An emergency is no time to try to deal with necessary maintenance.

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