“Why is my furnace blowing cold air instead of heat,” you ask? You’ll find the answer in the guide below. 

Most of the time, this problem is fixed with some simple DIY maintenance steps. For instance, you may need to fill the fuel tank or change the air filter. Or, perhaps you need to relight the pilot or replace the igniter.

In any case, we’ll teach you what you need to know and walk you through these steps one by one. Plus, we’ll let you know when it’s time to call in the professionals. Learn all about it by reading this guide.

1. Thermostat Troubles

First, it’s possible that your thermostat is broken, set incorrectly, or continually sabotaged by other members of the household. To find out if it’s either of the first two issues, test the thermostat.

Before you can do that, though, make sure you understand how to use it. Look up the instruction manual online if you need to.

Next, test the fan without any heat or cold. Then, switch it to auto and set a temperature to see if the system comes on.

Also, your thermostat might be operating according to a previously programmed schedule. These scheduled settings sometimes override your manual settings after a certain amount of time.

Lastly, ask the other people in your house if they keep changing the settings when you’re not looking.

2. Full Air Filter

When the air filter is totally full of dust, it doesn’t let much air through. This also blocks the heat.

You should change your air filter at least every 3 months. During months of heavy HVAC use, change it each month.

3. No Fuel

If your furnace consumes heating oil for fuel, check the fuel level. Refill the tank if it’s empty. And be sure to stock up on lots of fuel each year before the cold winter weather hits.

4. The Pilot Is Out

Check to see if the pilot light is out. If it is, you should be able to relight it on your own.

You can find general instructions on how to do this online. But it’s best to consult the user manual for your specific model.

However, you may find that the pilot won’t relight, despite your efforts. This could mean that the igniter or other components are too dirty or faulty to function. In this instance, contact a professional HVAC service.

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air Still?

If you still get no hot air, or the furnace blows hot air then cold, call a professional HVAC technician. You probably have worn out or dirty components that simply need professional attention.

Do You Need Professional Furnace Repair?

Don’t let a faulty furnace ruin the joys of the winter season. For the best furnace repair/maintenance services in Houston, TX, contact Air Expert today.

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