Heating and cooling your home with traditional methods can account for two-thirds of your utility bills.

It also produces tons of CO2, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. A growing number of people and businesses are coming to the realization that they should do more to protect the environment.

Let’s explore how switching to a green heating and cooling system benefit you.

Saving on Your Utility Bill

The average American household spends a lot of money staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Most green heating and cooling systems operate far more efficiently. In some cases, these systems can save you up to 60% on your utility bills.

Savings depend entirely on what system you go with, and what you need to heat and cool your home.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Green technology, particularly in the area of green heating and cooling, reduces CO2 emissions.

CO2 is a key driver of climate change. By switching to a green heating and cooling system you are helping to lower your carbon footprint.

You can feel good about saving the planet while enjoying the same conditioned air that you are used to.

Tax Breaks for Going Green

You can save up to thousands of dollars by going green. These come in the form of a tax credit which can substantially reduce your tax bill.

The average tax reduction was $5,000. Going green won’t just help the planet, but it might even give you more room on your budget for the year.

Future Repair Bills

With older systems going out of date and changes to allowable coolants, this is the time to switch. As 2020 rolls on it will become increasingly expensive to get parts and supplies to repair older systems.

Since green heating and cooling systems are becoming more popular, the availability of parts will not decrease.

Feeling Good About Yourself

It isn’t just about monthly bills and repairs. You can rest easy knowing that you are doing your part to save the planet.

Companies that are truly passionate about eco-green heating and cooling will even recycle their old parts. This ensures that harmful pollutants are kept out of more than just the air. It also helps to reduce the waste associated with the heating and cooling industry.

Green Heating and Cooling Systems

There are a ton of different choices out there, but you should pick one that you can trust.

With the increasing importance of lowering our carbon footprint, this is the time to act. The danger of climate change is real and showing itself all the time.

Be part of the solution by switching to a green system.

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