If you’re a new homeowner or this is your first time with central AC, you might not be aware that you have to clean and maintain it. AC cleaning and maintenance can keep your air conditioning running smoothly throughout the summer so you don’t have to deal with any hot and humid days inside the house.

But if you’ve never done any AC maintenance or cleaning, how do you do it? 

We’re here to offer some expert advice. Keep reading for our top AC cleaning tips and AC maintenance tips.

1. Clean the Filters (Often) 

When was the last time that you took a look at your air conditioning filter? If the answer is “never,” it’s time to go get it. 

You might discover that it’s coated in dirt and grime. What happened? As the air conditioning blows cool air into your home, it traps anything that shouldn’t be in the air. If the filter is too dirty, it can’t do its job and your air conditioning may be less efficient. 

Most of the time, you can clean your filter on your own, but sometimes you need to replace it. 

2. Check Your Thermostat

Make sure that your thermostat has working batteries and that it’s giving you accurate readings. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, it may not be cooling your home the right way. You may even be wasting energy (which means that you’re wasting money). A programmable thermostat can help. 

If your thermostat won’t work, consider hiring someone to fix it or replacing it altogether. 

3. Keep the Area Clean

The area around your AC unit should always stay clean. It’s best to do this during spring so your AC is ready for the upcoming hot months.

Make sure that there’s no dirt or debris around your unit. Clean up any pine needles, leaves, and garbage that may have accumulated. This will help your machine run more effectively.

4. Take Note of Problems

Even while you aren’t maintaining your unit, make sure that you note anything that seems strange or wrong. This can include things like strange sounds, temperature problems, occasionally stopping and starting, and anything else that seems out of place.

This way, when it’s time to see a professional, you’ll be able to tell them these symptoms so they can diagnose the problem.

5. Hire a Professional

Speaking of seeing a professional, it’s helpful to have an HVAC professional check out your AC unit before the summer begins. Routine HVAC maintenance can help prevent expensive, emergency HVAC maintenance in the future.

The professional will notice things that you might have ignored, so don’t neglect this routine help!

AC Cleaning and Maintenance Are Crucial

If you want your home to stay cool and comfortable all summer long, make sure that you’re taking care of your routine AC cleaning and maintenance. You’ll save yourself money and a lot of stress if you keep up with your air conditioning needs!

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